MidAmeriCon II

I sent in my Hugo nominations last night for the first time ever.

The most fun I had was researching for works to nominate for the Retro Hugo Awards.

This year we got to nominate works from 1940. Since I am a big fan of old pulp magazines, I was actually familiar with many of the stories published in 1940. 

So. Much. FUN.

Details for those interested:

The World Science Fiction Society Constitution allows, but does not require, a Worldcon held 50, 75, or 100 years after a Worldcon at which no Hugo Awards were presented to present Retrospective Hugo Awards for works that would have been eligible for that year’s Hugo Awards if they had been held. (Once Retro-Hugos have been presented for a given year, no future Worldcon may present Retro-Hugos for that year.) The 1941 Worldcon did not present Hugo Awards. MidAmeriCon II has elected to present Retro-Hugo Awards for works first published in 1940 that would have been eligible for the 1941 Hugo Awards had there been Awards presented in 1941.