30 Day Book Challenge

Day 4: Favorite book of your favorite series

Cordelia’s Honor Duology. I’ve read them together so many times they are not separate in my mind.



The scene where Cordelia rolls Vordarian’s head across the conference table and tells them all to end the war now is cemented in my mind as one of the all-time great scenes in a book.

What’s yours?

Review of Redoubt by Mercedes Lackey

Book Four of the Collegium Chronicles.

I enjoy this series. It provides a different view of how Valdemar is governed and how the various Collegia function both separately and together. It is also fun since the main character, Mags, is in training to be a spy.

A redoubt is a defended position or a protective barrier. An appropriate title since Mags is called upon to protect his very sense of self in this story. We discover more about his past as Mags discovers more about what he wants his future to be.

As usual, Ms. Lackey has both satisfied my desire for a good story and left me wanting the next book RIGHT NOW, please!

I give it 4 stars.


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