2013 Hugo Awards!!

I am excited that Redshirts won and is awaiting me at the library.

And that Game of Thrones won a HUGO for HBO.

But Avengers? Really? I loved it, but a Hugo?

See the complete list here:


Review of Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

After Old Man’s War was recommended to me by several different sources, I started reading reviews. Publisher’s Weekly, right on the cover of the book, says “…tradition of Robert A. Heinlein…reads like an original work by the late grand master.” Amazon has a 4.4 rating. It was a Hugo Award Finalist. And so forth and so on. I was almost afraid to read the actual book the expectations were set so high!

So with high hopes and an open mind, one afternoon I started reading. And kept reading. And was grumpy when I had to stop reading to cook dinner. And stayed up way too late reading. And woke up and finished it before doing the errands I needed to be doing. I finished the last page, set the book down, and thought “Wow.” It lived up to the hype.

Upon reflection, it didn’t truly live up to the hype as much as it did an end run around the hype. Does it actually read like an original Heinlein? Well, no. Nothing reads like an original Heinlein except Heinlein. What it did was immediately engage both my mind and my emotions. And it didn’t let go, even when the book had ended. Hence, “Wow.” Hence, lack of sleep. Hence, hunt for the next book ASAP.

Which is my definition of a 5 star book in a nutshell.

If you have been hesitant as I was, don’t be any longer. Go forth and read! You won’t regret it.

I give it 5 stars.

(See rating system at http://tmblr.co/Zb30ArqLsiRe )