Shadowed Souls

Review of Shadowed Souls

Review of Shadowed Souls edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes

All my reviews, good, bad, or indifferent, are based on my own opinion and from my personal viewpoint. They are also spoiler free.

Shadowed Souls did exactly what it was intended to do. It made me consider the difference between light and dark, good and evil, and how the choices are often grey. After I had eagerly experienced the new Molly Carpenter story, and took the time to grok it, I decided to finish the book that evening. The book had other ideas.

Every story in the book is unique. Yet every story equally demanded to be considered, pondered, reflected upon. This took much longer than a single evening.

Most short story collections have a combination of good, great, and just average stories. This one did not. All the stories were exceptional.

Some were so good that I will be buying the first book of the series upon which they were based and the giddiness at finding new series to read is a wonderful feeling.

I highly recommend this book.


I give it 5 stars.


Shadowed Souls
Edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes

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