Cover Zahrah the Windseeker

Review of Zahrah the Windseeker

Review of Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu


A beautifully written tale about a magical land, a young girl, her best friend, growth, hope, bravery, and defying expectations.

Although this is listed as a children’s book, all ages will enjoy it.

Excellent. Highly recommend.

Zahrah the Windseeker
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu

Cover The Armored Saint

Review of The Armored Saint

Review of The Armored Saint by Myke Cole

First in a trilogy, this story grabs hold of your heart, your mind, your fears, and your hopes, then twists them into new shapes. Whenever you think you know the direction the story is moving, it changes. You won’t want to put the book down.

The second book is currently scheduled for release on September 18, 2018.

5 stars.

The Armored Saint
Myke Cole

Cover I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land

Review of I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land

Review of I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land by Connie Willis


A beautiful and haunting novella which must be experienced and not described. But you will think about Ozmandias Books long after you finish reading.


5 stars.

I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land
Connie Willis

Discarded cover

Review of Discarded

Review of Discarded by Michael J. Allen


In the interests of full disclosure, I was sent an ARC of this book by the author for review purposes. All my reviews, good, bad, or indifferent, are based on my own opinion and from my personal viewpoint. They are also spoiler free.

Elias Graham is the embodiment of a grumpy old wizard. And he certainly has reason to be since the rest of the world is intent on ignoring his fondest wish—to be left alone.

From the Wasteland to Seufert Fells, from mananet to Edison blocks, from helpful strangers to would be assassins, from the prosaic to the terrifying, inch by inch Elias is drawn down a path he tries to avoid. And we are with him every step of the way, cringing or cheering him on as appropriate.

A world where magic and technology coexist, and both can be used for good, or for evil.

A fun read. I look forward to more Elias stories in the future.

4 stars.

Michael J. Allen