Review of Funny Fantasy edited by Alex Shvartsman

In the interests
of full disclosure, I was sent a pre-release copy of this book by the publisher
for beta reading purposes.

Funny Fantasy was a fabulous success.

 What is my
definition of success, you may ask?

To me, a short
story compilation is akin to one of those giant bags of mixed candy you buy for
Halloween. Some of what you get are your favorite kind, some are really good
(just not your favorites), some are OK (but still candy, so pretty darn good),
and some are awful because you can’t stand the flavor but you know other people
love them anyway. And occasionally it includes one or two kinds of candy even
the kids won’t touch.

With that in
mind, I consider any short story collection to be a success if at least 3 or 4
stories fall into the first two categories of favorite or really good, and one (or
better, none) fall into the even the kids won’t touch it category.

Eleven (11!!) of
the 14 stories were either favorites or really good.

I laughed out loud,
I chortled quietly to myself, I stayed up too late, and I had to read more than
a few of the stories twice because I forgot I was supposed to be checking for
typos the first time through them.

I also discovered
an author whose books I have not yet read. Major bonus points for any

None of the
stories were of the even the kids won’t touch it variety, and only one story merited
the “I can’t stand the flavor” pile.

My favorite
stories were “Dave the Mighty Steel-Thewed Avenger” by Laura Resnick, “Crumbs”
by Esther Friesner, “A Mild Case of Death” by David Gerrold, and “Fairy Debt”
by Gail Carriger.

Highly recommended.
If you need a laugh, go buy this book.

I give it 5 stars.

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