Review of Points of Impact by Marko Kloos

Review of Points of Impact by Marko Kloos

In the interests of full disclosure, I was sent an ARC of this book by the publisher through NetGalley for review purposes. All my reviews, good, bad, or indifferent, are based on my own opinion and from my personal viewpoint. They are also spoiler free.


I highly recommend Marko Kloos’s novels to any military SF fan. They draw you in, make you care about the main character, and then proceed to shake up his world. The books provide excellent story-telling combined with good writing and interesting, twisty plot lines.

In Kloos’s author bio it states that “In the past, he has been a soldier, bookseller, freight dock worker, and corporate IT administrator…” and you can see all of those experiences in the authenticity of his writing.

Points of Impact is Book 6 of the series, currently available on pre-order, and scheduled to be out January 9, 2018.

The latest book continues the storyline a few years after the climactic events of Book 5, and yet again proves that the daily life of Andrew Grayson is never dull, especially when he would prefer it to be. At times wonderful, at times terrifying, at times routine, but never dull.

I originally picked up a copy of Book 1, Terms of Enlistment, from a publisher’s table at Worldcon where they were giving out free books. At the time I wondered if they got anything in return besides goodwill. (Although they did get a lot of goodwill. Free books to a crowd there for the Hugo Awards goes a long way.) Then I read the book and realized it was Book One of a series, and the light bulb went off.

If you have not already read them, Books 1-5 plus a short story and a novella are available now, while you wait for January.


I give it 5 stars.

Points of Impact
Marko Kloos

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