Review of Windmaster’s Bane by Tom Deitz

Windmaster’s Bane was recommended to me by a friend. It does not appear to be in print at the moment, but you can find used copies fairly easily.

The story is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. It is a fantasy story based on Celtic myths and the myths of the Sidhe. It is also a story about making the crossing from the clear paths and carefree days of youth to the winding and obstacle filled paths and introspective days of young adulthood.

It is a story filled with villains and heroes, friendship and honor, family and home, laughter and tears, joy and pain, love and hate. It entails an appreciation of nature, and of the familiar, as well as an appreciation of the wondrous, the impossible, and the mythical.

In essence it has everything a good fantasy novel should have.

I was very glad this book was recommended to me, am I am happy to recommend it to you.

I give it 5 stars.

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