Review of The Hanged
by P. N. Elrod

Buy this book! There
are no spoilers in this review.

I try not to have spoilers in any of my reviews, but
especially in this one as the author is less than fond of reviews with spoilers
in them. There are so many good scenes and plot twists and such that it is hard
to abstain. But a strong will and a sharp eye will prevail.

From the prologue:

“This special branch, Her Majesty’s Psychic Service,
dedicated to investigating all matters supernatural, employs the psychical gifts
of those who serve in it to protect and preserve the realm. Here follows the story
of one of her agents.”

As I have
said before, I feel that crossovers are the hardest type of story to do well.
You have to please readers of both (or in this case, several) genres, so the
story has to be exceptionally well done to be considered good. This book is

The writing
is superb, the plot is well-crafted, the characters are interesting, the
alternate world-building is deftly inserted into the story (and is
intriguing!), and the pace is darn near perfect.

If I had not
won the internal argument and convinced myself I actually was an adult with a
job that started in too few hours, I would have read the entire book in a
single sitting.

 For those of
you not familiar with my rating system, 5 stars means “Great book! Start
hunting for more books by this author.” In this case since I have already read
the author’s previous books, I will have to hope that this will be a series and
that Book 2 of Her Majesty’s Psychic Service is already being written.

I give it 5 stars.

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