Review of Magic Rises, (A Kate Daniels Novel) by Ilona Andrews

From the first paragraphs of Magic Bites, the world and the characters in it become real. They evoke an emotional response. We care what happens to them and their world.

This continues through every book in the series. In Magic Rises, it rises to a whole new level. Now these characters whom we have grown to know and love, or hate, or at least empathize with are fighting a battle for their children, both present and future. When presented with an opportunity for panacea (a more perfect name for this medicine could not exist*) as payment for a job, they all know they are walking into a trap. They do so with eyes wide open.

Action filled and politically savvy, with shifting alliances and hidden undercurrents, danger both physical and emotional, surprising allies and unknown enemies, this is Ilona Andrew’s finest work to date. The husband and wife team has surpassed themselves.

Read this book!

(*If you are not aware, a panacea is a remedy for all diseases, evils or difficulties.)

The authors have included what is basically a “cut scene” from the novel in the form of a short story titled An Ill-advised Rescue. They recommend you read it first. So do I.

It is the story of Kate’s rescue of Saiman and is near the beginning of the novel in the timeline.

It is also a practically perfect vignette of Kate and her world.


I give it 5 stars.

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