Review of Home from the Sea by Mercedes Lackey

Book 7 of the Elemental Masters series, Home from the Sea focuses on a new Elemental Water Master. The catch is that the new Master is in Wales, is a woman, and is bound by a magical compact with the Selch (a type of selkie).

Since the Wizard of London has no contacts in Wales, he sends Nan and Sarah, newly returned from Africa and now adults, along with their birds Neville and Grey, to identify the new Master. Puck decides to help them along the way.

It is enjoyable to see Nan and Sarah as young adults trying to find their place in society. It is even more fun to see Neville and Grey again. Those birds are two of my favorite characters and they certainly get the best lines. Given that, if you have not read the previous book about Nan and Sarah, this book will not be as entertaining. I recommend you read The Wizard of London first.

The story is intriguing, with its share of puzzles and pitfalls to work through and overcome. The main character Mari is immediately likeable even though headstrong and stubborn, a common trait amongst Elemental magicians. The historical bits strewn throughout the story about Wales and women’s role in society are interesting without being preachy. The resolution is dramatic, requiring quick wits, courage, and strength of character.

All in all, an enjoyable read.

I give it 4 stars.

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