Review of Forest Bull by Terry Maggert

In the interests of full disclosure, I was sent a free copy of this book by the author for review purposes. The only thing I promised was an honest review. All of my reviews, good or bad, are based on my personal opinion.


The first paragraph did its job. It drew me in.

“She was pretending to be human.”  My mind immediately started asking questions. Why is she pretending? She seems dangerous. I wonder what’s going to happen. What is she then? Since this is exactly what an opening paragraph is supposed to do the book was off to a good start.

By Chapter 25 the band of protagonists was bringing comparison with Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon and his band of helpers to mind. Not that there are  actually similarities, more a similar point of view that struck me. Two different groups of people who see a part of the world most are content to ignore, and then go out and confront it.

There is obviously a rich and detailed history for each of the main characters as well as the various Immortals. We only get to see glimpses of it in this book, but I look forward to discovering more details in future books.

Forest Bull manages to stand out as a new and interesting mythos which alludes to old myths and fairy tales (the old scary ones, not the watered down versions) without being derivative.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am eagerly awaiting a sequel.

(There is a sequel in the works, right, Terry? Please say yes.)

I have deliberately not described the plot of the book as I did not want any spoilers.  Go read it. You’ll enjoy it.

I give it 4 stars.

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