Review of Dead Ever After, the final Sookie Stackhouse novel, by Charlaine Harris

Knowing from the cover that it was the final book in the series put an odd taste in my mouth and I felt it tainted my perception of the story.

I feel that our original Sookie has been influenced by the TV doppelganger Sookie, and not in a good way.

This book was not up to par for me. It was missing one of the main reasons I became a Sookie fan in the first place. I (and I feel safe in saying, we) liked Sookie for her eternal kindness, fairness, and unrelenting optimism in the face of an ever-growing awareness of a world which tried its damnedest to take those away. While she sometimes failed, she always tried to be kind, fair, and optimistic.

This feels more like a let’s gather all the loose ends and find a way to close the series effort than a true let’s end the series with a great story and a memorable book effort.

As much as I have loved this series, this book left me feeling distinctly unsatisfied. It felt as if Ms. Harris is tired of Sookie. Sadly, that is now how I feel as well. I suppose it is a good thing this is the final book in that case.

I give it 1 star. (I almost gave it 2, then I decided that was due to my affection for Sookie from previous books, not the actual quality of this one.)

(See my previous post for an explanation of my rating system.)

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