Review of Charming by Elliott James

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book. Prince
Charming was never one of the characters in folklore I particularly enjoyed. I
can no longer say that.

Charming is anything but.

pulls you in and makes you care in spite of it.

page one the plot thickens, the mysteries deepen, and the answers remain
elusive until the end.

cast of characters are never quite what you might expect, but are always
intriguing. The Pax Arcana world is a well thought out, cohesive, interesting,
and slightly different take on an urban fantasy. I appreciated and enjoyed the
wide variety of folklores and mythologies which were included in the book’s

you like fast-paced, smart-aleck, well-written urban fantasy adventures, I
recommend this book. I am going to be looking for a copy of the next in the

give it 4 stars.

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