Review of Casimir Bridge

Review of Casimir Bridge by Darren D. Beyer

In the interests of full disclosure, I was sent a copy of this book by the author for the possibility of a review. All my reviews, good, bad, or indifferent, are based on my own opinion and from my personal viewpoint. They are also spoiler free.

WOW. Just…wow.

I had no strong preconceptions about this novel. Since the author is a former NASA space shuttle engineer I assumed it would have spaceships. And it does. But it has so much more.

Casimir Bridge has heroes and heroines, mercenaries, businessmen, spies, white hats and black hats, manipulators and strategists, shady deals, long-term plots, plenty of secrets, and an intrepid reporter. Discovering who’s who is a lot of the fun.

While it is solidly a science fiction novel, and an excellent one, it also reminds me of the best of the Le Carre, Follett, and Ludlum novels where every detail we learn twists the plot and the more you learn the more you realize you still don’t know.

The story and the characters are riveting. Once I started reading I did not want to stop. If there had not been a blatantly obvious stopping point mid-book I might not have slept that night. As it as I read the book in less than 24 hours. (TIP: Don’t start this book right before bed.)

Casimir Bridge was an immensely satisfying, smart, fast-paced, well-written, thrill ride of a story. I am eagerly anticipating Book 2 of the Anghazi Series.

I give it 5 stars. I would give it more if I could.

Casimir Bridge
Darren D. Beyer

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