Review of A Werewolf in Manhattan, by Vicki Lewis Thompson

It takes skill and chutzpah to pull off a good cross-genre story well. A generous splash of humor helps. This book has the ideal combination.

Mixing fantasy – werewolves, vampires, things that go bump in the night – with romance is a tricky recipe. A significant percentage fall flat like a bad soufflĂ©. A small percentage are true fantasy novels with an extra dash of romance like an exotic spice. (My favorite!) And occasionally you get a story that is like a good dessert: sweet, tart, delicious and a guilty pleasure.

A Werewolf in Manhattan is dessert.

This is a book that laughs at itself while taking you along for the ride. The characters are feisty, the fantasy is actually integral to the plot, and the romance is fun. The idea of an author of werewolf romances as the protagonist of a werewolf romance is ingenious.

Do yourself a favor. Indulge.

I give it 4stars.

(See my previous post for an explanation of my rating system.)

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