Review of Dragon’s Danger

Review of Dragon’s Danger by Edward Branley

Be careful when you purchase from the internet. Especially dragon eggs. Especially from Hassan’s Collectibles and Curiosities.

Joey, Anne Marie, and David are high school sophomores. They thought they were buying a replica of a dragon egg. But they were mistaken.

Dragon’s Danger is an engaging fantasy about the adventures of the trio as they find out the dragon’s egg is real, and that they are responsible for the dragon’s safety. As the trio discover both allies and enemies they learn more about both dragons and the new world which has been opened to them. Set in New Orleans, it feels like you are there as you follow them on their adventures.

While this is a YA book, it was definitely fun for this adult as well. I look forward to Book 2 of the series.

4 stars

Dragon's Danger
Edward Branley

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