Review of Dead to Me

Review of Dead to Me by Anton Strout

Dead to Me drew me in from page one. I’m a fan of characters who are multi-dimensional, make mistakes, have actual emotions, and practically dare you not to care about them. Simon Canderous hits all those points. His cohorts, allies, enemies, and assorted other riffraff do as well.

The story starts with a bang and keeps moving, often in unexpected directions. Working for the Other Division of the Department of Extraordinary Affairs is not for the faint of heart.

A rollicking good tale.

I was pleased to discover it was the first of multiple books. Happy reading to me!

I started out giving this title 4 stars. But my own rule is if I start a hunt for more books by the author, it’s a 5-star book. So be it. 5 stars it is.

Dead to Me
Anton Strout

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