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Aysha @ Imagine a Book SF

I am a lifelong reader, book lover, and admirer of the authors, illustrators, editors, and assorted other artists and business people who make books out of ideas.

I read many genres but science fiction and fantasy are my true love. Luckily, at a very early age my mother told the local librarian not to restrict anything I wanted to check out of the library. If she objected, she would deal with it. (She never did.) As a result I got to start reading anything and everything that sounded interesting from the library rather than be restricted to only the children’s section at about 9 years old. I never looked back. Although I still read children’s books, YA books, and anything that catches my interest.

I looked forward to the Scholastic newsletter at school so I could order more books. That was my first introduction to so many fabulous authors. Then came monthly periodicals full of short-stories: Asimov’s and Ellery Queen among others. Then I discovered The Hobbit, and Heinlein, and McCaffery, and so many others, and I still discover new authors every week.


So many good books exist you have to rely on friends and acquaintances and total strangers to winnow your TBR pile to a manageable level. That idea is what started Imagine a Book SF. Please share your favorites, your opinions, and your discoveries with us.